Psychotherapy for Adults and Teens

Sara Marley, LCSW

4900 E. Kentucky Ave, Suite 100, Denver CO 80246

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Therapeutic Approach

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My professional focus is providing psychotherapy for adults and teens. My approach is influenced by intensive training and experience in psychodynamic therapy, relational therapy, cognitive therapy, and mindfulness techniques. Each individual patient has unique reasons for seeking psychotherapy at a certain point in time. My clinical approach utilizes all of my varied training and experience to meet the needs of the patient in my office.

I believe that life is a process of becoming. Increased awareness, self-acceptance and ultimately, empathy for ourselves can provide opportunities to heal old wounds and create new paths and transitions towards fulfillment.

I value a person-centered approach in counseling which involves meeting a patient where she is and providing guidance through a change process, encouraging the discovery of voice, wisdom and knowing from within.

Strengths of my approach focus on these areas:

Mother and ChildAbout Me

My nearly twenty years of experience as a social worker includes providing direct counseling services to individuals and groups, supervising clinical graduate students, as well as consulting organizations in the Denver area offering mental health services to women.

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Colorado since 2001 and am a graduate of the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Since 2004, I have worked as the Clinical Director of Project WISE, a local non-profit organization offering mental health services to women.



The rate for my services is $100 per fifty minutes for outpatient treatment. Please contact me directly for fees on LCSW clinical supervision or clinical consultation.

A sliding scale fee is available based on individual patient needs. I am a provider for some EAP and insurance companies, so please call or e-mail for further details.

If I am not a provider for a patient's insurance, I will provide an invoice to patients if requested, so that an "out of network" claim can be submitted with their insurance. Therapy services are also payable through health savings accounts and flex Spending accounts.

Sara Marley, LCSW


"Life is a process of becoming" - A. Nin